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Loch Awe

Minutes of AGM held in Lochawe Village Hall
on Tuesday 27 May 2010 at 7.30pm

Present: John Kerr, Sal Nicholson, Sandra Boardman, Mary Johnston, Kate Craig and 3 members of the public

1. Opening remarks from the Chair – The Chair welcomed everyone to the AGM and thanked the committee for their hard work during the year.

2. Apologies – Trevor Baney, Liz Gibson

3. Developments since May 2009 AGM  – A new PC has been bought for the access point in Lochawe Store. Kenny at Argyll Technologies has been asked to revamp the website which will result in a change to the website’s appearance and the facility for a forum. The Chair stated that new businesses will be added to the site for free in future but more prominence will be given to those businesses that pay the fee.

4. Accounts – Sal circulated the accounts for the year. There is £1692.94 in the bank with income slightly up on expenditure. The big expenditure being for the new PC (£412.96).

5. Committee – It was agreed John Kerr would remain as Chair, Kate Craig as Secretary and Sal as Treasurer. Kate Craig agreed to take over as Treasurer when Sal wishes to step down. Mary Johnston and Sandra Boardman remain as committee members. This was proposed by John Kerr and seconded by Tim Boardman.

6. Constitution changes – The following changes to the constitution were proposed by John Kerr and seconded by Sandra Boardman and Sal Nicholson:

Proposal one: To remove the words “the association” and insert the words “”, which will become the working name of the association.
Proposal two: That the last sentence of the first paragraph under “membership” which places geographical limits on membership, be removed.
Proposal three: To reduce the committee quorum to two, unless a full committee of nine members has been elected.
Proposal four: To have an additional clause Number Eleven: “Where necessary the committee will carry out the duties of “web managers” without reference to members”.

7. Invoicing – It was agreed to meet at Carraig Thura on Wednesday 2 June 2010 at 7.30pm to carrying out the invoicing for 2010.  John Kerr proposed and Mary Johnston seconded the following fee increase: £25 for a link, £30 for multiple links and £32 for the Management fee.

8. Telephone book – There are still copies for sale at Dalmally PO and Loch Awe Stores.  There is no need to reprint at the moment.

9. Any Other Business – The Chair said he had had an email from the owner of Ardbrecknish House asking why they did not feature on the website.  He has written back to say they can be linked for free if they wish and also would they consider joining the committee as the Lochside representative.  The Chair will also contact the owner of Glenview Stores to see if she would like a free link to the website.  The Chair will contact Kenny, who is revamping the website, to see if he needs a meeting to discuss the changes required.            JK  
David MacLeod said he will be updating the St Conans Kirk website and will hand the new material to Kate Craig.  The Chair will talk to Nicky at Loch Awe Stores about updating her web pages and payment of the Management fee.                                            JK

10. Date of Next Meeting – Wednesday 2 June 2010 at 7.30pm at Carraig Thura

The meeting finished at 8.06pm.


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