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Loch Awe

shinty.jpgGlenorchy Camanachd Club - Junior Clubs

Dalmally, Taynuilt & Cruachanside

Two local teams operate in local first shinty leagues under the auspices of Glenorchy Camanachd - Dalmally and Taynuilt.
In National Competition, these teams combine to form Cruachanside.

For more information contact the local organisers shown below.

Dalmally Junior and Juvenile Shinty Club
Coach/Organiser - John Smith, 19 St Conan's Road, Lochawe, shinty2.jpgArgyll PA33 1AL tel 01838 200388
Coach - John MacPherson, Alt-Mhor, Balliemeanoch Farm, Lochaweside, by Dalmally, Argyll tel 01866 833301
Coach - Steven Ross, 18 St. Conan's Road, Lochawe, Argyll,PA33 1AL tel 01838 200292
Juvenile Organiser - Steven Ross, OR Elizabeth Turner, Keeper's Cottage, Kinchreckine, Dalmally, Argyll tel 01838 200317

Taynuilt Junior Shinty Club
Coach - Allan Wilson, Taynuilt

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