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Loch Awe

Dalmally Bowling Club


We are a village club with a long history and currently compete in the Lochfyneside Scottish Carpet Bowling  League alongside Inveraray,  Portsonachan, Furnace and  Cairndow.

Our sport developed originally in the domestic parlour then grew into a club game in the late 1800’s encouraged by churches to “prevent young men from partaking in alcohol and mischief”.   The rules of the game are not dissimilar to that of Curling and the Bowling rink measurements and markings are scaled down to about 1/3 those of a Curling rink dimensions. The game is popular, despite the above phrase, with the young and older of both sexes. Indeed the lady bowlers count among the better bowlers in the League.

Our club meets throughout the winter months from early October to late March from 8.00pm  on a Monday evening and when not playing an away match we are to be found in the Dalmally Community Centre . New members and visiting or returning players are always welcomed.  A call or email to Secretary Jim Mallen(  or 01838 200495) will get a friendly response and an invitation to come and enjoy the using our modern bowls and mats in an equally modern Community Centre.

Within the club, in addition to our Club night ‘rollups’ we have an annual Club Championship and Winter Plate Singles knockout tournaments. Another annual competition we have is an interclub series of home and away matches against our friendly local rivals Portsonachan for the Loch Awe Shield.

So – Having read this far, don’t hesitate. Come and enjoy this unique tabletop,  with a difference,  Scottish sport. Just give us a call.


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