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Loch Awe

St Conan's Well

conanswell.jpgLies to the west of St Conan's Cottages, opposite Dalmally Police Station. It was fortunately missed by the re-alignment of the main A85, and is just at the road side. The Well is named for St Conan, who is said to have been a contemporary of St Columba.

An eighteenth century account by the Minister of the Parish, Dr Joseph MacIntyre, says that the Well was known in the sixth century and was blessed by St Conan. It was 'known for the lightness and salubrity of its waters'.

In 1987 Dalmally Historical Association found a small cache of coins of the reigns of Charles I and II, not valuable, but interesting for having survived. A small booklet on the Well is available from T & H Baney, 01838 200 264.

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