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Loch Awe

Deserted Settlements

oldschoolsettlement.jpgSome villages, some single houses, abound in this area. Most were built well away from the danger of flooding from Loch Awe or from the River Orchy. After the Loch level was lowered by the landowner, Lord Breadalbane, to provide better fields for the crofters of Stronmilchan, and after the hydro-electric scheme regulated the flow of the river, settlements and roads were built at lower levels.

The old road from Port Sonachan along the hillside to Blarghour passes several such clusters of ruins. In Glen Orchy, older habitations, well away from the river, can still be seen the length of the Glen, and in Stronmilchan, the old road passes above the crofts, alongside the older houses, and on past the hanging place to the old village of Edendonich, coming out eventually at Craig.

Glen Strae has its share of settlements too, among them Tigh Mor, the old house of the MacGregors, and Tom Na' Variche. The old village of Barr a' Chasteilean, above the railway station in Dalmally, connects with a network of roads with other now ruined villages such as Auchtermally and Ardteatle. Many of the old paths are now covered by forestry.

Old Arichastlich, Glen Orchy

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